BulltahrBTRWC meeting: 26 APR @ 9:00PM AEST , unfortunately I cannot attend, being out of the country and in a shit place for the time difference. Worth listening into to hear what's up with TR on Briggs. Boots or Placate or someone please attend if you can. Cheers Bull
Bulltahr   On BoTM Teamspeak. details on the Steam group annoucements page......................
BootsBig PS2 Patch out today, new carbines and LOTS of TR weapon buffs!
Game Update Notes April 16th | PlanetSide 2 Forums
The notes in italic parentheses are additional information from your Community Manager and may not be representative of the intent of it's preceding patch...
Bulltahr   Oh yeah, straight pull bolt actions now, might have to have another play with sniper rifles....................
Boots   Yeah the straight pull seems pretty sweet! Chaingun buff is awesome as well
Bulltahr   Good, I'm going to buy one and use until they nerf it again............
Been looking for a CQB alternative to my CARV.
SHITPOO   joined Drunken Legion
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BulltahrFinally Aurax'd claymores, been a grind, but has been a handy infil tool.
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Boots   Congrats man!
r4vz   Welcome to the club! :d
(really wish there were more medals ;))
Bulltahr   Yeah, I'm going to keep using them, handy to keep the fear factor up of those rebels and heretics!!!!
BootsWell we have been a bit quiet in Planetside the past few weeks, with the Briggs server still having a lot of issues and SOE putting more and more bugs into the game..

The Drunken Legion is keeping busy in other aspects however, we have clans started up in Battlefield 4 and Diablo 3 if anyone's interested (possibly also Defiance if anyone's keen for some Borderlands style MMO)!

In terms if Planetside, we should be winding things backup again around Easter in a week or two (hopefully all it's issues are resolved by then). Other than that, we are always around on Teamspeak, so feel free to join us for some beers!

We have also been playing around with DLGN branded stuff (see image). We are hoping to get some beer glasses printed!
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Bulltahr   I'm interested in BF4 although I have never played it in the past so please keep me posted. I am keen on some DLGN glasses!!!
Bulltahr   may I suggest putting the website address on the bottom of the cards etc.......
r4vzWell, that just happened.
Link Description
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Bulltahr   Nice one!!! I'm still trying for a full sundy......
Boots   The dream!
BulltahrGame landmark for me last night, played for a bit with my boy Nikora (lives in Spain). He is the newest member of DLGN, He speaks pretty good english and will be joining up on the website here shortly. IGN Nikora13 , he has downloaded TS and has our server, please feel free to talk with him, more inclusive the better for me!!!
Cheers Bull
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r4vzSecond SKYraxium on Briggs achieved today!!!
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r4vz   Skyguard that is! mwhahahahah
JewishNapolean and BIGGMAN94 joined Drunken Legion
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Bulltahr   Welcome guys, BTW we have a lot of fun so feel free to post here anything you want.
Cheers Bull
BulltahrAttended the Monthly BTRWC meeting last night, nothing groundbreaking, but there is some cross outfit training available if anyone is interested. PM me for meeting details and contact for the training sessions.
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Yep, lots of changes to the current continents, a lot of good stuff! Lots of issues as well though.
Oh man just logged in(been ages) and got slapped with some 8gb patch. No doubt that shit's changed some significant shit riight?
[link] for more info
Yeah the server is having a LOT of issues lately.
Briggs is down ,been like it all morning...........
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The third DLC pack for Ryse: Son of Rome adds three new maps and two new gladiator skins.
Published Apr 25, 2014
Nintendo will release a Mario Kart 8 Wii U hardware bundle, confirming rumours that surfaced earlier this month.
Published Apr 25, 2014
Carbine Studios has donated a 50,000 piece LEGO Rocket House sculpture and US$10,000 to the Child's Play charity.
Published Apr 25, 2014
The LinkedIn profile for Just Cause director Christofer Sundberg lists an "unannounced sandbox action game" from a "well-known game series."
Published Apr 24, 2014
The PlayStation-exclusive Deja Vu and Xbox-exclusive Jamais Vu missions for MGS5: Ground Zeroes will be free for all in May.
Published Apr 24, 2014
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